Cara Black
Black. Proud. Unapologetic.
Atlanta birthed me.
Decatur raised me.

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#FixItJesus lmfaoooo


Remember this face ūüíč

Hair and brow game on POINT!!!!

Y’all and these challenges!!
I was tagged by crownprince81 in this lock/home screen challenge, and since I’m bored… I guess I’ll do it.

My lock screen is a picture of my cute, little chunky niece Kay!
My home screen is the cover of a mix tape I got from One Musicfest this past weekend. Shout out to DJ Jamad for that dope ass CD!!

Now it’s y’all turn. Don’t hate me LOL misstudi enterlectualshawty dreamyeverlasting afroditebaby thebrownsugarproject do-it-for-tha-melanin


I love my skin!

Because Lupita
And for the little Brothers and Sisters


(sees cute black girl)
(feels encouraged)

(Compliments said girl on cuteness)
(Feels happy for making a black girl smile).



CU1 Gallery &¬†FOLORUNSHO¬†present ‚ÄúI‚ÄôMPOSSIBLE‚ÄĚ the Exhibition.

A series of collaborative works between 5 Artists living in the West and the FOLORUNSHO¬†Creative Collective¬†from LionBase, Sierra Leone. The show will run for the¬†duration of Art Basel ‚Äė13 in Miami.¬†

CU1 GALLERY: 117 NE 1st Ave. Downtown Miami.

Model: Folasade Adeoso

Hats by the FOLORUNSHO Creative Collective

Photography by J. Quazi King

Instagram = @Quazimottoonwx


Yaaaaasss!!!! And I need that lipstick!

what i never
from my mother
was that
just because someone desires you
not mean they value you.
desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving. - The Color of Low Self Esteem (Nayyirah Waheed)
Thought I’d share this with you guys…

I was reading through my journal, and decided to share part of my entry from 5/27/14:

"How can I honor God and not my ancestors?
Had it not been for God they would not have survived the brutality of enslavement.
Had it not been for my ancestors, I would not be standing where I am, breathing in the air of ‘freedom’.
I know that God is present in me, protecting me.
I recognize that the fire in me is from the blood of those that came before me.
Those that knew God before ‘white Jesus’ was forced down their throats.
My people knew You before you were Westernized.
They honored You and worshipped Your being in all things…


Will [We] Survive In America? Morgan State University stands against injustice.


50-year anniversary of the 9/15/1963 murder of four African-American girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Their names are Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robinson, Addie Mae Collins and Denise McNair.



If I’m still single, unmarried by age 40, I’m not getting married.

I’mma just be the fly older aunt that travels all over the world, and brings back nice gifts for everyone. If I’m not married by 40, fuck a husband at that point. Lol.

I feel the same way.